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VLC Media Player is free to download and use. Its flexible, lightweight and is packed full of powerful features.

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VLC Media Player Features & Download

VLC Media Player, a free to download, open-source multi-platform media player, framework and server, featuring a vast array of free special features.

No Codec playback error messages ever again unlike other media player software. VLC Media Player features the largest decoding and encoding libraries avoiding the need to download additional codecs. VLC Media Player is the first player to support playback from encrypted DVDs. Any format or codec, VLC can play it all.

VLC is a packed based media player. It supports playback from damaged, incomplete, or partially downloaded files. With the preview feature you can preview playback of partial media files to check the quality of your video file.

With VLC Media Player you can record High-Definition media content during playback of online streaming videos as well as DVD's and Blu-Ray's. VLC Media Player also supports the ability to record live TV using an external decoder card.

VLC Player is Region-free. It can handle playback off all DVD regions without restriction. Asides from being able to play virtually any Audio or Video file you throw at it, there is a lot more this light-weight, yet powerful media player can offer whilst still having a user-friendly interface that even the most of novice users will be able to handle with ease.

VLC - Download & Stream Online Media

With VLC Player you can stream and download videos from YouTube and other media sources directly through the VLC Player. To Stream, click on "Media" then choose "Open Network Stream" Paste the URL of the video you wish to play and hit enter and VLC Media Player will automatically play the file requested. You can also download & save to your computer for future playback.

Live Recording with VLC Player

VLC Media Player supports on-the-fly recording for all types of media during playback which is great if you want to record a copy of your DVD etc. By default this option is hidden. To enable it, click on "View" then "Advanced control". The record button will be visible now as well as some other advanced features from ripping DVD's to converting Audio & Video files to iPod-friendly formats.

VLC Media Player is 100% free to download & use. We believe in free software. Do you?

Download VLC Player Now

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